Disseminating bee health awareness and enhancing livelihoods in rural Africa

The construction and renovation of marketplace facilities in each of the participating countries (Ethiopia, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Liberia and Kenya) address  the restoration of bee health in the environment and food security.

icipe has assisted in the construction and renovation of marketplace facilities and provision of honey processing equipment (e.g. processors, extractors, bottles and labels, honey harvesting buckets, candle moulds and refractometers) in several locations in Africa.

Honey marketplaces established by icipe to-date include:
  • Hoima Honey Marketplace, Uganda
  • Kadougli Honey Marketplace, The Sudan
  • Kassala State Sericulture and Apiculture Market Centre, The Sudan
  • Maridi Honey Marketplace, South Sudan
  • Mt. Kenya East Honey Marketplace, Kenya
  • Taita Honey Marketplace, Kenya
  • Mwingi Honey Marketplace, Kenya
  • Arabuko Sokoke Honey and Silk Marketplace, Kenya
  • Kakamega Forest Honey and Silk Marketplace, Kenya
  • Isiolo Honey Marketplace, Kenya
  • Cabesi Honey Marketplace, Kenya
  • Eastern Tigray Honey Marketplace, Ethiopia
  • Tolay Honey Marketplace, Ethiopia
  • Madagascar Honey Marketplace.
  • Makindu Honey Marketplace, Kenya



These marketplaces feature

  • Honey production, packaging and marketing facilities
  • Training of beekeepers in hives management, queen rearing, hive products harvesting techniques and handling of the honey comb which will enable the beekeepers’ to enhance the quality of their products for better market penetration.
  • Training in the management of the Internal Control System (ICS) for organic certification which enable producer groups to access premium international markets. The Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool (METT) and the Threat Reduction Assessment Tool (TRAT) are used to monitor the management impact under this project
  • Biodiversity monitoring, which are carried out through surveys of stingless bees, honeybees, and other pollinators at the project sites