Centre of excellence for bee health research in Africa

The Bee Health Programme's central research and training centre is located in Nairobi, Kenya and represents a centre of excellence for bee health research in Africa. The centre is hosted by icipe and serves as a reference laboratory for the training of scientists from various parts of the continent and as a hub for novel research and biotechnology in honeybee and other pollinators’ diseases.

The centre's management is overseen by a Project Steering Committee (PSC) chaired by AU-IBAR, with members from participating countries, farmers’ federations and selected European scientific organisations.



The African Reference Laboratory for Bee Health, established at the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe) Duduville headquarters, Nairobi, in partnership with AU-IBAR Kenya, is the first African innovation centre for research, development, advocacy, capacity building and strategic networking for honeybee diseases and pests for food security on the continent. The new laboratory will generate knowledge regarding bee diseases and pests, and their control measures for Farmers’ Federations (FF) and beekeepers in general and also help improve honey production and enhanced markets access.

The Entry and Hallway:

The Entry and Hallway of the African Reference Laboratory for Bee Health houses a reception area, visitors’ area, and a proposed African Bee Museum.

Right Wing on the Ground Floor:
BH4 Sample reception room for receiving bee and honey samples collected in the field