Training & Capacity Building

david cham

David Cham(Cameroon)

Research project: Honey bee pests and factors affecting their distribution and abundance in Cameroon

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Samuel Adu Acheampong

    Samuel Adu-Acheampong(Ghana)
    Research project: Response of grasshoppers to the agricultural mosaic of the Cape Floristic Region of South Afirca


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nelly ndungu

Nelly Ndungu(Kenya)

Research project: Phenotypic plasticity and molecular mechanisms underlying the development and differentiation in Hypotrigona species of honey bee in Kenya

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makori     David Makori(Kenya)


     Research Project: Using hyperspectral and multispectral remote sensing to map flowering plants in Africa


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     Pamela Ochungo(Kenya)


     Research Project: Investigating the link between landscape and pollination effects for enhanced hive productivity


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